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Shop Amerimax FLEX-A-SPOUT 24-in White Vinyl Downspout ...

Amerimax FLEX-A-SPOUT 24-in White Vinyl Downspout Extension at Lowe's. The Flex-A-Spout downspout extension features a durable plastic construction and ...

Flex-A-Spout - Flexible Downspout Extension | Gutter Supply

Flex-A-Spout bends around obstacles to divert rainwater. Our flexible downspout extension adjusts to your landscape: if bushes are in the way, just bend ...

Flex-A- Spouts /Rain Drains - Flex-A- Spout - Gutter Supply

Flex-A-Spout bends around obstacles to divert rainwater. Our flexible downspout extender adjusts to your landscape: if bushes are in the way, just bend ...

Protect Your Home with FLEX-A-Spout Extensions - YouTube

Need to move water far from your home? Watch how FLEX-A-Spout extensions expand up to 80 inches and combine with other FLEX-A-Spout components ...

Protect Your Home's Foundation From Damaging Rainwater

Divert rainwater away from your home's foundation and basement with Amerimax.

Extend-A- Spout Drainage System - YouTube

Steer rainwater away from your home's with Extend-a-spout, low profile drainage system. It carries water away with no digging or tools. Simply ...

18 in. x 10-1/2 in. x 3 in. Concrete Splash Block ...

A and A Stepping Stone - 18 in. Splash Block - Helps prevent soil erosion when used under rain-gutter downspouts. Made of cement. Gray color. 31 lb. - THD ...

Contact Amerimax

Contact Amerimax about top quality gutter systems, gutter protection, rainwater diversion, and roofing components.

24 in. Stone Splash Block - The Home Depot

Amerimax Home Products - 24 in. Stone Splash Block - Disperses water at the bottom of the downspout to limit erosion and protect your foundation. Made of ...

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